Flat Screen and Monitor Installations:

  • Wall applications
  • Ceiling applications
  • Multiple monitors
  • Truss systems
  • Furniture and pedestal applications

Our crew of experienced infrastructure cabling technicians install all types of voice, data, fiber optic, heliax, video and audio cabling.Whether it's in newconstruction, commercial, private community, or office environment Advance DataCom can provide all of your infrastructure cabling needs. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Structured cable and underground distribution systems
  • Network cabling and cabling for WI-FI, DSL, and T-1 wireless networks
  • Testing, certification, and documentation of CAT6, CAT6a, coaxial, and fiber optic.
  • Cabling for paging systems, loud speakers, amplifiers, background and foreground music systems
  • Underground cable plant installation and removal, conduit locates and proofing
  • Residential network pre-wiring, low voltage lighting, and CCTV

Advance DataCom has turn-key all digital high performance video surveillance solutions,highly engineered hardware, software, and network designs which are custom developed for each installation. Combined with the latest in digital video technology Advance DataCom can give the user the flexibility to support a wide variety of camera configurations and future upgrades. 


Surveillance & CCTV Installation

Cable Installation


  • Future proof and field upgradeable 
  • Turn-key solution for each installation
  • All aspects of system/network design, installation, training, and service are tailored to the unique requirements of each customer 
  • Dedicated Surveillance LAN insures the integrity and performance of existing IT infrastructure 
  • TruRecord- Archive image quality equal to that of a live monitor 

Advance DataCom specializes in the custom installation of audio and video presentation equipment for A/V products and equipment dealers that lack the resources to tackle multiple installations. 
Here are just some of the many products that our audio and video equipment dealers/clients can provide for you and we can professionally install:


Audio & Video Installation


  • Computer projectors 
  • Data projectors
  • Digital projectors 
  • Multimedia projectors 
  • Portable projectors 
  • PowerPoint projectors 
  • LCD projectors


  • Wide variety of cameras, monitoring, and playback options supported 
  • Wired or wireless connectivity  
  • Unlimited recording channels per system 
  • Simultaneous record, playback, and live views 
  • Video motion detection and record on detection 
  • Completely scalable and flexible solution from camera processing to expand storage 


  • Plasma screens 
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Electric screens 
  • Manual wall and ceiling screens 
  • Fixed and thru wall screens 
  • Lecterns and cabinets