We can add more TVs to your office or home, we also do cabling for your security cameras, or any other video cabling needed.   We can also mount your equipment.

Advance DataCom Communication Services Inc. is a Telecommunication Service company experienced in voice - data cabling, security cameras and fiber optics. The company was established with a strong commitment to providing quality communications solutions. 
We offer cabling solutions, both industrial and commercial. We install, repair or move any communication cabling that you may need. From a small one cable installation to wiring an entire building. We professionally hide your cable in the wall or use molding, piping and raceway to get it to the location un-noticeably.

We can add more phones, repairing humming or static, moving an existing phone, fax, or DSL line.  We do 25 pair to 400 pair backbone or riser cabling. We use Category 6 and Category 6a cable to fit your specifications.



We can move computers or printers, installing dozens of new cubicles, if you are moving to a new location. We use Category 6 and Category 6a cable as per your specifications. We build, install, or move your data closets to your specifications. We install ladder racks, relay racks, cabinets, and wall-mounted fixtures securely for any of your equipment. We also can install your wireless access points, wireless routers, POS systems, or any other basic networking device you may need.